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Included in Tour Price:
Included in the price of the Plan you selected as your packgae is for every thing listed in your selected package page (See"Travel Packages") details. The customer is responsible for making sure that the monies for the minimum number of people required in the plan they chose, are paid for, within 10 days of making a comiittemtn for a vacation date, and to secure that date.

Reservations and Deposits: Occassionaly, deposits payments are accepted as a condition to reserve a seat/spot for you, until the date specified on the deposit payment information. DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER 10 DAYS OF MAKING THEM. Deposits can only be applied towards the trip for which they were made. Formal confirmation for the tour will only be made upon receipt of full payment for the tour. Formal confirmation will be made by e-mail from to our customer,or to any known member of the group.

The vacation dates are not secured until payment has been made in full, and in order for this agreement to be effective, and for Latino Pleasures to officially consider it a legitimate package for a tour group. In a situation where extension of time to pay in full is granted to the customer, and it happens that the minumn required number of participants are not reached and paid for, 60 days before the tour date, the group tour will be cancelled, and monies refrunded t the customer, based on our refund policy as narrated in the following section. The customer has the right at anytime to chose a package with fewer particpants, which will actually mean paying more per person, as detailed in our package plans. Any change in tour date/s after payment has been made, automatically voids the original tour arrangement, and the cancellation and refund policy below, will go into effect.

Cancellations & Refunds:
In order to secure exellent accomodation and services related to any group tour, we pay our vendors as soon as a tour is confirmed. In case of a tour cancellation, the payments we make to these third party vendors are not refundable to us. As a result, after a tour has been confirmed we will not be able to refund 100% of our customer paymens. Our refund policy is therefor a follows:
All cancellations must be made in writing to and is effective when call or e-mail is received.

All cancellations must be made either in writing by e-mail to or by calling 1-971-587-4966, or by mail to Latino Pleasures, Inc. P.O. BOX 361711, DECATUR, GA 30036. The date we receive your cancellation notice is considered the effective date of the cancellation notice.

A minimum of 10% and maximum of 75% cancellation fee will be charged for all cancellations. Charges will be assessed as follows:
Deposits are 100% refundable, within 10 Days of making the deposit payment.
After 10 days of making deposit payments, deposits are non-refundable.
The following will apply after full payment has been made for a reservations:
60 days or more before the tour date = 100% refund, less a service fee of $50.00 per person or 10% of the cost of such tour, whichever is greater.
59-38 days before the tour date = 85% refund of the total cost of such tour.
39-31 days before the tour date = 75% refund of the total cost of such tour.
30-25 days before the tour date = 65% refund of the total cost of such tour.
24-11 days before the tour date = 50% refund of the total cost of such tour.
10 days or less before the tour date = 25% refund of the total cost of such tour.
Not showing up for the tour, or not going on the tours without appropriate notification as above = 25% refund of the total cost of such tour. .

Insurance: We strongly recommend the purchase of personal accident, trip cancellation and luggage insurance, which although seldom used, is well worth the small expense. Latino Pleasures, not being an insurance company, cannot accept the responsibility for accidents, or trip cancellations for even the most unfortunate or documented reasons, or the safe handling of your luggage. All three categories of insurance may be obtained from your travel agent or Latino Pleasures.
Personally Escorted Tour Operation: Latino Pleasures's reguarly scheduled escorted tours must normally be operated with at least twenty-five participants. Should Latino Pleasures cancel a regularly scheduled tour because the number of participants is less than twenty-five, we will attempt to provide at least twenty-one days notice prior to departure. Individual passengers, joining scheduled tours on which airfare is not included, must be aware, said tours may be canceled 21 days prior to departure; and therefore must accept full responsibility for holding reservations and/or tickets on an airline beyond their outlined penalty clauses.

Booking Changes: Once formal reservations have been made any changes to the original booking record, is not guaranteed. So, please be careful before you provide your reservation information. All successful changes, will be assessed a $50.00 per person administrative charge, plus all applicable fees & charges by the Airline or Resorts to accomodate such change. Changes (not to date of tour or cost) in previously booked tours, will only be accepted up to one week prior to departure. Within one week of departure, if the change can be accommodated, there will be a $100.00 per person charge.

Membership: Latino Pleasures reserves the right to remove a Tour member from any tour if that person's actions or condition disrupts or threatens to disrupt the tour; or if said passenger willingly disregards the regulations of participation as outlined in the General Information; or when the safety of the other passengers is threatened by actions or conditions of that passenger. In the event of such cancellation, Latino Pleasures' liability shall be limited to a refund for any unused portion of the tour. Airfare will be fully refundable if Latino Pleasures cannot fulfill it's obligation, which is to initiate all the contractual obligations necessary to make the flight accessible to the client.

International Travel Requirements: In order to enter or leave The Dominican Republic, all U.S. citizens must present either a valid passport. A driver's license does not constitute proof of citizenship. Prior to booking, non-citizens should contact their Country's and Dominican Republic's authorities to determine visa requirements for entry into Dominican Republic and reentry into the country of their original departure. Latino Pleasures will not be liable for any costs incurred by individuals who are refused entry by immigration authorities because of improper or insufficient documentation, or due to self induced disqualification or ineligibility. There will be no guarantee of refund of any portion of the tour in such instances. If you do not understand your travel status, you are encouraged to call Latino Pleasures, Inc., at 1-855-775-2846 for assiatnce in understanding your travel requirements and obligations.

Departures: Please see the individual itineraries for departure and return locations.

Management and Responsibility: These tours are under the management of Latino Pleasures, Inc. of New York, New York. Latino Pleasures acts only as agent for the passenger and therefore, accepts no responsibility in whole or part for any delays, delayed departure or arrival, missed connections, loss, damage or injury to person or property, or mechanical defect or failure, of any nature, howsoever caused, or for any substitution of hotels or of common carrier equipment beyond their control with or without notice, or for any additional expense occasioned thereby. No carrier shall have, or incur, any responsibility or liability to any person taking this tour, except its liability as a common carrier. All transportation and services are subject to the laws of the country and locality in which they are provided. Rates quoted are based on tariffs and exchange rates current at time of printing and are subject to changes therein at or before time of final payment. No revisions of the printed itinerary or its included features are anticipated; however, the right is reserved to make any changes with or without notice that might become necessary, with the mutual understanding that any additional expenses will be paid by the individual passenger. The right is reserved to decline to accept or retain any person as a member of these tours at any time and the refund for the unused portion of the tour is the limit of our liability in such instance. The issuance and acceptance of tickets and/or other documents in connection with said tours should be deemed consent of the above conditions.

Rates are in US dollars and are subject to change without notice.

Important Disclaimer:
We are providing services to consenting ADULTS ONLY. We do not provide service to minors. We do NOT participate in any form of illegal acts, including drug related activities, offenses, prostitution related offenses, or other illegal acts. Each person who subscribes to our service attests that they understand the limitations of our services, and are responsible for any illegal acts, which they commit. Each participant attests to the fact that they are of legal majority age. We strive to provide our clients with the best legal fun they may need or want on this vacation. We encourage our clients to follow the regimen we provide which is by itself more than enough for a short vacation. There are always differences in the laws of each country. Clients are required and obligated to obey and respect the laws of each.

In the case of accidents or loss, claim is limited to no more than the maximum amount you paid for the trip. Clients are encouraged to personally obtain their own travel insurance. Latino Pleasures Inc., reserve the right to be selective in the guests accepted for any of the advertised tours. We entertain classy individuals and strongly discourage the presence of loud and aggressive individuals or behavior. It is disruptive and totally against the goals of Latino Pleasures' policy and/or our Singles' and Couple's Tours, which is to have good, safe, clean, hot, and exotic fun. "We are Lovers, not fighters." As a result, Latino Pleasures, Inc., reserves the right to reject disruptive client(s) or find comparable accommodations for client(s) who prove to be disruptive, during any of the tours, or issue a prorated refund of the tour's cost to the disruptive individual(s). Otherwise, we are your number one in EXOTIC vacations and Tours.

Latino Pleasures, Inc.,P.O Box 361711 Decatur, GA 30036. Tel: 1-855-77 (LATINA) 5-2846
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